Buying a home is probably the largest investment that you will ever make. For this reason, it’s enormously important that you make wise choices with the home you purchase. If you are contemplating making an addition to your home, you should know that it will be a huge, high-stress undertaking. Emotions will be running high.

Before you begin work on your addition, you should spend significant time thinking through the practicalities of how it will work. There will be a lot to consider, so to help you get the ball rolling, we decided to jot down a few important questions for you to consider. Whether you are just beginning to envision your addition, or you’ve already entered the planning phase, these three simple questions will help you begin to hone in on the place where your desires and your possibilities intersect.

  1. What is your budget?

Let’s just get this out of the way right now. Money is going to be the deciding factor in this whole endeavor. Poor financial planning could land you hopelessly in debt. Or, your addition might end up having to be abandoned before its completion, leaving you to live in a construction site. You will need to make sure that your addition is finished and well insulated before winter.

You should make sure that you have a generous budget at your disposal to finish your construction project. You should also do thorough research before the start of your addition to find out where you can cut costs, and where it’s better to invest in quality. Choose professional home improvement contractors  and companies that you trust to help you see the addition through to completion.

  1. Is my addition actually feasible?

Once you have confirmed that the project is, indeed, affordable, you will need to make sure that it is also logistically and lawfully feasible. If you want to add an addition to your home, you will need to make certain that your house and property are such that this can be facilitated. Maybe there is simply not enough room on your property to accommodate an addition to the scale you had envisioned. Perhaps you live in a historic district where homes are subject to certain regulations that might prohibition drastic alterations from being made.

These sorts of restrictions can often block even the best laid plans for a home addition. Before you invest too much time and energy into the process, it’s best to look into the feasibility of your ideas. If you can’t add to your home, you might decide that you’d prefer to move houses altogether. It’s best to know this as soon as possible so that you don’t waste any time.

  1. How long will the project take?

Last, if you know you can afford your addition, and you have confirmed that the addition is, indeed, feasible, you should give some thought to how long the project is going to take. It is not uncommon for construction projects like this to, temporarily, render homes unlivable. Entire walls of your home will need to be taken down. The process is likely to be noisy and dirty. Here are a few logistical questions that you should consider:

  1. Will your house continue to be well insulated during the project in the stagnant heat of summer or the frigid cold of winter?
  2. Can you and your family continue to live in your house when it becomes a noisy construction zone?
  3. Will you need to find another place to stay?
  4. How long will you and your family be displaced?
  5. Where will you stay?
  6. How much will it cost to stay there?

These sorts of questions are extremely important as you begin to plan your project. Remember that you and your family all have lives that need to continue through the construction with as few interruptions as possible.

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