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When it comes to garages, there are no rules. Well, okay, there are some rules, thanks to Nashville’s Codes Administration. But when it comes to the look and function of a garage, anything goes. Luckily, the new wave of designer garages has put just as much emphasis on a garage’s aesthetics as its function. The result is: You are likely seeing some seriously good-looking garages going up around Nashville. Happily, we’re responsible for a number of them. (Iffin you want to see some of our completed garages, click here.)

Done well, a great garage will add untold value to your home. That’s because in addition to extra square footage, storage space, and shelter for your vehicles and any number of hobbies, a garage can go a long way to enhance the architectural style of your home and add gobs of curb appeal. More than ever, details matter. It pays to spend a little extra time pondering how you want your garage to look and act for your family for decades to come.

Here are some of our very favorite trends in garages today:

Blending In: Yesterday’s garages were front and center at many houses, but the best ones today are complementing houses instead of competing with them. Stratton Exteriors predominately builds detached garages, but we love the way this attached garage seamlessly integrates with this home. Making it extra functional: There’s a deck on top of the garage!

Deck on top of garage

And here, this beach house perches atop a very subtle two-car garage:


Of course the idea isn’t always about camouflaging a garage. Plenty of garages can stand out without taking away anything from the house itself. See below.


To-Die-For Doors: Carriage-style garage doors are all the rage right now. They’re great because they not only add architectural interest, but their large windows allow more natural light into your garage. And because they have that classic look, they’ll never fall out of style. Keep in mind that in most homes that have garages out front the doors represent about 30 percent of the view passersby will see from the street.

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carriage garage doors

Dressed-up Detached Garages: Even a basic structure can get a custom look that pops. The one below has a swath of brick around the base, shingle siding, hefty white trim, a petite pergola, red roof tiles, and a flower box.

Detached garage

Other great garage details we’ve found:

This weathervane…

weather vane

An ocean-inspired paint color and cool lights:

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What’s your favorite look for a garage?

All photos found on Better Homes and Gardens and Houzz websites