As winter falls upon us, the dropping temperatures provide a reminder for homeowners that it’s time to take the steps to make their home cold weather ready. From making your home more efficient at keeping the heat in, to ensuring the freezing temps don’t wreak havoc on your pipes, there are several ways to make sure your home survives the next few months. Here are 10 ways to winterize your home:

  1. Drain hoses – Any outdoor hoses should be unscrewed from the spigot, shut off from the inside and drained completely.
  2. Have your Chimney Cleaned – If you are lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace or stove, then you have a fantastic heat source to keep you toasty this winter. Be sure to have it swept before using it excessively as debris and soot can build up causing dangerous fires and carbon monoxide fumes.
  3. Programmable Thermostat – Energy efficiency at it’s finest. Set your thermostat to turn down while you are out of the house and back up when you are home. Adjusting accordingly can save you big bucks on your winter heating bills.
  4. Heavy Blinds and Curtains – Investing in heavy curtains creates an additional layer of insulation that protects the cold from seeping in. Replace with sheerer options when spring arrives.
  5. Insulate Basement and Attic Windows – Cover and insulate any older windows or air conditioning units in your home’s basement and attic that allow cold air in.
  6. Install Leaf Guards on Your Gutters – Stop clogs before they start and invest in some leaf guards for your home’s gutter system. They will help prevent annoying and dangerous clogs throughout the colder months.
  7. Insulate Pipes – Anyone who has ever had to deal with a frozen or burst pipe knows the importance of insulating them. Purchase special foam insulators at your local hardware store to help ward off any issues once the temperatures dip to below freezing.
  8. Replace Furnace Filter – Chances are your home’s furnace will be working hard this season. Ease its workload by replacing its old, dirty filter with a new one.
  9. Stock Up – Purchase salt, ice melt and shovels before the snow and ice arrive. Chances are by the time you realize you need it, it will be too late.
  10. Landscape – Hire a professional to take a look around the house and assess if any of the trees in your lawn are at risk of losing its branches during a bad storm. If so, have them removed.

Preparing your home to avoid any wintertime disasters can save you significantly in the long haul. Early prevention is key as severe weather can be unpredictable. If you have any questions on how to further winterize your home or would like someone to come out and assess any issues you think you may have, give Stratton Exteriors a call at (615) 750-2148. We are happy to help you get through these cold months and provide you with excellent customer service to make it through the winter.

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