The Loo, the washroom, the lavatory. No matter what you call it, your home’s bathroom is a great place to allow your creative side to shine. From a complete overhaul to small details that pack a big punch, here are 10 unique bathroom ideas to transform your space.

  1. A ChandelierchandelierNothing adds a luxurious touch quite like a chandelier. Traditional crystal provides opulence or look into other materials such as metal or wood for a different, but equally unique, feel.
  2. A Fireplace – Unconventional, sure, but a fireplace in your bathroom is a wonderful feature for those looking to make their bathroom a bit more cozy.
  3. Bold walls – Add some texture to your bathroom with a bold color or interesting wallpaper.
  4. Carpet – Deviate from the standard bath mat and use a traditionalbath freestanding carpet for your bathroom’s floors. Well-made rugs can withstand the in and out of a shower, and will also provide design and texture.
  5. Freestanding Bathtub – A beautiful feature in any bathroom, a freestanding tub offers the spaciousness that a traditional shower/tub combo does not. Go with a traditional clawfoot design for a nostalgic feel or think modern and contemporary for a spa-like experience.
  6. Pedestal Sink – much like a freestanding tub, a pedestal sink is a unique addition to a bathroom. Although you may lose some under-the-sink storage space, these types of sinks offer a streamlined and classic look.
  7. Art – There’s no reason not to show off bold artwork in the bathroom. Don’t just limit yourself to paintings, try installations or sculptures to spice up the space.
  8. Rainfall Showerhead – Rainfall showerheads are a great way to add something OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAextra without breaking the bank. This modern upgrade provides a gentle and soothing experience for all shower takers.
  9. Tile -Offering an unlimited amount of options, new tile can completely revamp your bathroom space. A variety of colors, materials and shapes provide you the option to custom design your perfect bathroom.
  10. Plants – Throwing in a little greenery livens up any space. Look for plants that thrive in low light and high humidity such as spider plants and Boston ferns.

Whether big or small, we are certain your bathroom can benefit from any one of these design ideas. Please contact us at Stratton Exteriors for any questions you may have regarding your home’s bathroom. We are happy to provide you with the expertise to achieve the bathroom you’ve always wanted.