Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 1.58.28 PMIt’s probably the last thing you want to think about, but your windows are an important part of your home. And with the weather we have in Nashville, replacement windows are something that you will likely have to consider at some point. So how can you know if the time has come? Can’t you just wait it out another year or two? Here are 10 reasons you’re going to have to bite the bullet and invest in some replacement windows for your home.

Appearance – Of course, appearance isn’t everything, but when it comes to our homes, most of us would like them to look as nice as possible. Older windows can drastically reduce the curb appeal of an otherwise lovely home, making it look, well…ugly. Nobody wants an ugly house.

Drafts – While it may not tend to get extremely cold in Nashville, replacement windows can still prevent those unwanted drafts from finding their way into your home through old windows. Same goes for warmer air that can make your home uncomfortable. If you’re noticing drafts, it’s time to consider replacing your windows.

Bugs – If there’s one thing about Tennessee, we sure do have our share of bugs. From cockroaches to stink bugs to black widow spiders and brown recluses, there is no shortage of tiny pests around these parts. The last place you want these insects to take up residence is in your home. If you have old windows, they may already have packed their little suitcases and arranged to have their mail forwarded. Replacement windows will keep these and other bugs at bay.

Condensation – If you’ve noticed condensation on your windows, especially in between the panes of a multi-paned window, it’s a sign of a breach and an indicator that it’s time to replace those old dinosaurs with some well-sealed, newer models.

Environment – We all know how important it is to preserve and protect our environment. What you may not realize is that you can do your part by investing in replacement windows. Nashville, TN is really starting to get on board with various initiatives to go green, and replacing old, drafty windows can help reduce energy consumption. So you can pat yourself on the back for being so environmentally conscious.

HVAC Overload – When the sweltering heat from outside is making its way into your home through your old windows, your HVAC is forced to work extra hard to keep the place cool. That means you’ll probably end up having to fix or even replace your unit much sooner than you should.

High Maintenance – Ever try and open an old window? Over time, the casing around the window can warp or swell, making it difficult to operate. It’s also much harder to clean older style windows. Replacement windows are much easier to handle and to keep clean, so that means less work for you.

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Interior Damage – The hot sun beating through older windows can cause interior damage, such as fading of floors, carpets and furniture. And since there’s certainly no shortage of sun here in Nashville, replacement windows are a wise investment. They’re designed to protect your home interior against dangerous and damaging UV rays of the sun.

Security – Older windows are often much less safe than newer models. Criminals know this too, which is why they often target homes that have older windows, because they know it’ll probably be much easier for them to get inside. Replacement windows offer a greater level of security.

Energy Costs – It’s no secret that heating and cooling a home can be expensive, but if you’ve got old windows you’re probably paying even more than you should be. With drafts from outside coming in and heat/air conditioning seeping outside, you might as well toss some dollar bills out the window while you’re at it. Newer windows are energy efficient and properly sealed, which will save you money over time.

If you found yourself nodding yes to any of these things, the time has come to bite the bullet and invest in window replacement. The bugs may be disappointed, but your home and your wallet will thank you.