Your home’s living room was made for just that – living. From watching your favorite movie to hosting family or friends, you’ll find the living room caters to a multitude of activities. Having a well decorated space allows you to put your best foot forward when it comes to the room your family and friends spend most of their time. Check out this list of 10 ideas for decorating your living room for inspiration.

1. Show off a CollectionShow off a Collection

A great conversation starter, your living room can serve as a gallery to show off something fun you’ve collected over time. From antiques to souvenirs from abroad, use this space as a creative way to display your treasures.

2. Statement Wall

Statement Wall

Sometimes less is more. Try painting one wall a bold color to add depth to a neutral room. Or use an interesting wallpaper for texture and design.


            3. Divide Larger Spaces

Divide Larger Spaces

If you have a larger living room, dividing it up with furniture or screens can create a more intimate environment while adding the illusion of an additional space.


4. Faux Fireplace

Faux Fireplace

Fireplaces have the ability to tie a room together. But if your living room is lacking, don’t be afraid to create your own mantle and decorate accordingly. Although it may not provide any extra heat in the colder months, it will still look beautiful without all the extra cleaning.


5. Decorative Trim

Decorative Trim

It’s amazing how some crown molding can tie a room together. Consider a more ornate design for a regal look or keep it simple for an extra touch of detail.


6. Bold Art

Bold Art

One of the best conversation pieces in a room is a bold piece of art. Powerful enough to completely tie a room together and easy enough to install, art is something that can be specific to the home owner’s taste and come in a wide range of prices.


7. Fun Furniture

Fun Furniture

An interesting sofa, one-of-a-kind coffee table or fun chair can make a huge impact on a room. Just keep in mind not to overdo it as many unique pieces lose their appeal when surrounded by other, equally unique furniture.


8. Historic Elements

Historic Elements

If you have an older home, maintain some of its unique features – its old wood flooring and  fixtures are what makes your home special. If you have a newer home, look to your neighborhood’s historic home’s for for inspiration.


9. Ceiling


Sometimes some of the best features are the ones we don’t immediately notice. Your living room’s ceilings are essentially a blank canvas for to add an interesting color or some additional molding.


10. Fun Lighting

Fun Lighting

A beautiful chandelier or pendant light not only provides your room with its ambience but also serves as a great statement piece. Go traditional with lots of crystal or a take a more modern approach with interesting materials such as wood or antlers.


No matter what your design style is, we at Stratton Exteriors would love to help you get there. Please give us a call with any questions you may have regarding your home’s living room space. We want you to have the best home possible and are happy to help you achieve the results you are looking for.