Your home’s porch or patio is a great place to spend the day during the warmer months. But when the sun goes down and you want to maximize your time spent outside, you’re going to need to rely on outdoor lighting. Not only will outdoor lighting create a festive ambiance, but it can also provide a certain amount of safety to your outdoor space. Here are 10 great patio lighting ideas to try on your home:

Ceiling Lights Specifically for covered porches, this type of lighting is installed in the ceiling of your porch to provide bright and direct light.

Wall Wall lights are typically found near the doors of your porch or patio and can help to highlight architectural features of your outdoor space.

string lightsString Lighting Perhaps the most romantic of the lot, string or café lighting offers you the flexibility to provide a soft light source wherever you’d like.

Indirect This type of lighting is usually hidden overhead and emits a soft glow that is perfect for an evening get together.

Farmhouse Offering a more rustic feel, farmhouse lighting fixtures are typically made from materials such as galvanized steel and can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Uplighting This option offers the most drama by providing a lighting source set in the ground and pointing directly up, usually against a wall.

landscape lightingLandscape and Path Lighting Offering the extra benefit of illuminating walkways, these lights are usually smaller fixtures that are installed in the ground around a pathway leading to your porch or patio. For a more energy-efficient option, go with a solar powered fixture.

Deck and Step Lighting If your porch has stairs, this is a great option to help navigate in low light. Often installed in the stairs themselves, step lighting illuminates the stairs as well as railings and posts.

Posts Classic outdoor post lighting can be great conversation pieces, offer a bit of drama and architectural interest to a space, and are ideal for entertaining.

Torches A classic outdoor party favorite, torch lighting offers the benefit of being portable- simply place wherever you need a light source – and are available in an array of materials and prices. As an extra bonus, you can purchase special torch fuel to help keep insects at bay.

When the sun goes down and you are looking to keep the party going on your porch, be sure to choose from one of these great outdoor lighting solutions. If you have any questions regarding which option would be best for your space, or are looking for assistance with installation, please give Stratton Exteriors a call. We’d be happy to provide you with the help you’ll need to enjoy your home’s porch or patio all summer long.