You’d be hard-pressed to find something as synonymous with a southern lifestyle as porch sitting. Be it front or back, our home’s deck space becomes prime real estate in the warmer months. Between entertaining, spending time with your family or just plain relaxing, time spent outdoors is a welcome respite after a long winter. And as porches, patios and decks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, we must accommodate our decor accordingly. Here are 10 fun ideas for porch and patio decor:

 Outdoor Kitchen

  1. Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens can be one of the best spots to entertain over the summer. The open air and the accessibility allow you to do all the cooking without ever having to leave your guests. Decor for such an environment should be open and spacious with substantial room for chairs and tables.

Water Features

  1. Water Features


There’s something to be said for the calming ambience of a water feature. If you have an outdoor space that can cater to a small fountain or pond (bonus points for koi fish) then you know that the sound of the gurgling water is both beautiful and relaxing. Comfy chairs and lots of foliage will leave you feeling refreshed in no time.


Screened In

  1. Screened-In


The best part of a screened in porch is that no matter the weather, you can enjoy the space. Because it’s not as exposed to the elements of an open-air patio, your furniture and decor doesn’t have to scream ‘made for outside’. Utilize lamps and carpets to bring a bit of the comforts of the inside outdoors.

Fun Furniture

  1. Fun Furniture


Is there anything better then a swing? Embrace your inner child and include some fun outdoor furniture on your deck. Whether it’s a swinging day bed like the one pictured above, or just a simple hammock, having an enjoyable place to relax can be one of life’s little pleasures.



  1. Multilevel


Twice the levels, twice the fun! For multi-level decks, you can decorate one level for in a more tranquil vibe – a nice patio set for socializing, etc.- and decorate the other level for a more lively activity, like hot-tubbing. Invest in a waterproof trunk to store towels and invest in outdoor speakers for some added fun.


Small Patio


  1. Small Patio



Bigger isn’t always better. For smaller spaces, you want the most bang for your buck. Look for statement pieces that make the space feel cozy and inviting. Bright colors and fun accents are perfect for decorating tiny patios.

Outdoor Dining Space


  1. Outdoor Dining Space


If you plan on doing a lot of eating outside, you want the most from your outdoor furniture. A big, bold table with lush chairs as well as bar seating ensures that there will be plenty of rooms for the entire family and their guests. Invest in some great outdoor carpets to tie it all together. 


  1. Boathouse


If you are lucky enough to live on one of Nashville’s lake shores, a rooftop deck on your boathouse can be quite an escape. Not only will you be surrounded by the sites and sounds of the water, but you’ll also have easy access to take a quick dip. Big umbrellas will help keep the sun at bay, and lounge chairs will offer a great space to relax and soak of some Vitamin D. Just don’t forget the SPF!

Front Porch

  1. Front Porch


Ah, yes. The quintessential Southern Front Porch. With a birds-eye view of the neighborhood’s activity, you could waste an entire weekend relaxing and people watching. A front porch calls for a porch swing, of course, as well as a few rockers or wicker chairs. If you have the space, don’t forget a small table for your sweet tea.



  1. Firepits


What’s better than a summertime fire? Surround yourself with your favorite people and enjoy roasted marshmallows till your heart’s content. Decorate with lots of seating and maybe a small storage space for blankets and pillows. Extra lighting may come in handy when the flames die down.

There will never be a shortage of patio decor ideas. Do you like what you see but don’t quite have the ideal space? Give Stratton Exteriors a call with any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to come out for an estimate and help you build the perfect summertime oasis for your home.