Soffits and Fascia: They’re More Important Than You Think

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Soffits and Fascia: They’re More Important Than You Think

Last week, we talked about how important high-quality gutters are (especially during Tennessee’s rainy spring and summer seasons). This week, we’re looking at some other unsung heroes of home roof design: soffits and fascia.

If you’re unsure what these words mean, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with what fascia and soffits even are, let alone how to spot issues with them.

With that in mind, let’s learn a little bit about these important parts of your home’s structure.

Soffits and Fascia: Form and Function

Soffits and Fascia

What are fascia and soffits, you wonder?

When it comes to your home’s roof, it’s important to be informed.

To put it simply, fascia are the horizontal bands of roofing material (typically wood, metal or uPVC) that run along the lower edges of a roof. Gutters are usually attached to the surface of a home’s fascia. That’s why it’s important for these boards to be made of high-quality materials and to be installed correctly.  

In contrast, soffits are the underside of your roof’s overhang. These are typically made of wood or vinyl. Soffits can add design flair to your home, but they also function as a defense against vermin and can provide discreet attic ventilation.

Why Are Soffits and Fascia So Important?

For homeowners who need gutter replacement, it’s important to make sure your fascia are in good condition. Wooden fascia boards are often prone to rot, especially if they weren’t installed or prepped correctly. Rotten fascia boards can make your home vulnerable to moisture, vermin or gutter malfunction.

Many homeowners choose to invest in more premium fascia materials when it’s time to replace their gutters. Materials like aluminum or PVC can be more durable and require less maintenance than wood.

Similarly, soffits need to be inspected for peeling paint, cracks or chips. A small crack might not seem like a problem, but over time, moisture can build up near your home, causing your exterior paint to chip and peel. It can also cause degradation of your home’s structural materials over time.

When Should You Check Your Soffits and Fascia for Issues?

You should get your gutters inspected and cleaned at least once per year. Increase to twice per year if your home city receives an unusually high amount of rainfall.

You should ask your roofing contractor to inspect your home’s soffits and fascia each time you have your gutters inspected or cleaned.  A trustworthy contractor will spot vulnerabilities in your soffits and fascia that can become big problems over time.

Each part of your roof needs to be in good condition to provide your home with optimal protection against the elements and animal invasion.

Stratton Exteriors is proud to be one of Nashville’s leading roofing contractors. We will examine and restore your home’s roof, gutters, soffits, and fascia so your home is protected for years to come.

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