Deck and Fence Painting and Staining

Stratton Exteriors provides professional deck and fence painting and staining in the Nashville area. Our company has years of experience and is always dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We only use top of the line materials and equipment to get the painting or staining job done. Our work is done in a timely, efficient manner paying attention to detail. We strive to obtain great relationships with our customers and we look forward to working with you.

Paint or Stain for Your Project?

Whether you choose to paint or stain depends on the personalized look and effect you are going for. Stain does not offer as many color choices as paint, but it does offer a more natural look and is much less likely to peel or chip. One advantage of a stain is that is doesn’t hide the texture and character of your existing deck. Painting has its advantages as well. A professionally applied exterior paint job can last over a decade while stain needs to be reapplied more often. Plus, paint comes in a much wider variety of colors and is better barrier to the elements. We can discuss the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision.

Get a Free Estimate

Stratton Exteriors offers free estimates for all our work. Contact us today to start the process for a estimate. When you choose us as your painting and staining professionals, you can be sure your project will stay on budget and on schedule.